Episode 6

Published on:

18th Jun, 2021

Episode 3

Published on:

10th Apr, 2021

Episode 2

Published on:

2nd Apr, 2021

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The Buried Sisters
True Crime
The Buried Sisters: A True Crime Podcast is not for the faint of heart. These two sisters will “dig” deep to provide the listener...or shall we say their “Gravediggers” with all the gritty details of the world’s most sinister, morbid true crime cases. While Irene is our true crime enthusiast and researcher, Kiki offers a balance of paranoia, uncanny conversations and comic relief. Join the sisters as they journey through the suspense, darkness and psychological thrill of true crime.

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DED Candy

DED Candy produces and distributes podcasts and video content spanning from horror movies and true crime to pop culture and video games. All content is made for fun and usually with a Halloween twist in mind.